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27.02.2013    München

28.02.2013    Rosenheim

01.03.2013    Augsburg

02.03.2013    Lindau

03.03.2013    Heidelberg

05.03.2013    Frankfurt /a.M.

06.03.2013    Nürnberg

07.03.2013    Stuttgart

08.03.2013    Hanau

09.03.2013    Würzburg

10.03.2013    Freiburg

11.03.2013    Karlsruhe

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On Tour with The Refugees

Can´t Be Silent


They are musicians from Africa, the Balkans and Iran. And since May 2012 they have been touring Germany with songwriter Heinz Ratz and his band Strom und Wasser. What makes this project special is that these musicians are asylum seekers. Throughout the summer we have accompanied them on their journey and followed them with our cameras.

On Tour with The Refugees in Germany

On the stage: young rappers join together with an experienced Jazz pianist, a reggae singer with a German singer-songwriter, an African percussionist with accomplished Roma musicians and a beatboxer with Greek roots. Despite their differences, they gather in a respectful way – meeting each other eye to eye. Their creativity unfolds as they work to develop a common language through music. “I can´t be silent will show this process of convergence: from the wrong notes to the beautiful harmonies, from the stage-fright to the shining moments. We will show the small locations and thunderous applause, the enthusiasm and the grinding routines


Only as the film progresses will the viewers begin to experience the arduous daily lives of the refugees in the group. As the film unfolds, so too will their stories and their experiences of living under the stark statutory requirements attached to their status. Viewers will begin to understand that refugees are not just allowed to travel freely inside Germany, that they have to live with many people in cramped spaces, and that they don't always have a possibility to rehearse or to practice their instrument. They will be asked to contemplate living under the constant threat of deportation and having to put up with the memories of their traumatic experiences coming to Europe. The lives of refugees are precarious and the future more than insecure. But in “I can't be silent”, the musicians are not handled as objects of pity, but will be viewed as strong individuals who express the issues that define their lives through their music.

I can't be silent“ is a music documentary about the lives of refugees in Germany.

It is the story of how an acclaimed headliner of the previous evening can wake up the next morning an isolated refugee in an asylum far outside any big city. This film is the story of the cool rapper who cries out his rage and carries the audience along with strong gestures and words, but who can only really breath again after long legal proceedings allow him to go to school. And it is the story of the young Afghan hip hop musician, whose poetic texts capture the zeitgeist of many Afghans of his generation, but who struggles when it comes to talking about his own experiences