Holiday Camp

Australien/BRD 2002, 45 min, engl. with germ. subtitles, 29.90 €   E0300


How is your liberation bound up with mine?

Holiday Camp investigates current Australian immigration policies in the context of 200 years of colonization. The film documents the 2002 Woomera detention center outbreak, which represents a significant protest against the mandatory detention system and the political construction of national borders.

Holiday Camp reclaims the voices of the marginalized and connects the issues of Indigenous dispossession, genocide, construction of national borders and incarceration of refugees, which are often portrayed as unrelated or divisive.

Holiday Camp takes its name from a quotation by Phillip Ruddock, (Australian Minister of Immigration and Indigenous Affairs): "...we go out of our way to ensure that the detention centers provide as much humanity as reasonably possible, without making them holiday camps..."




Produktion: tallstoreez, Hamburg

Realisation: drive-by-shooting


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