BRD 2004, 93 min, english, paschtu, german with engl. subtitles, 20.90 €   F0170

This film is a political road movie. It is a journey around the whole planet in search of meaning in times of war, and at the same time a journey into the film maker's own past. Destroyed Kabul calls forth memories of the devastated German cities after the Second World War. This is a film about an inner as well as outer state of emergency. 

Disquieted by the announcement of wars which followed the tragedy of September 11th in New York, the film maker sets out on her journey, looking for allies who act sensibly despite the general panic which has broken out. She finds four women in four different countries.
Her first encounter takes place in New Delhi, 
India. There she meets 43-yearold Arundhati Roy who, after creating the world-bestseller "The God of Small Things", has stopped writing novels in order to involve herself in the struggle against war and globalisation.
In Serbia, the film director visits an old friend, 50-year-old Stasha Zayovic, who, during the Miloshevic dictatorship, founded "Women in Black". For many years, this group was the only voice of reason to be heard in a country dominated by nationalists running amok.
The next encounter takes place in Kabul. The horror of the recent past there is related by 45-year-old Jamila Mujahed, editor of "Malalai", the only women's magazine in Afghanistan.
The film's last encounter is with the American Sissy Farenthold in Houston. Sissy Farenthold, a 76-year-old former law professor and politician, ended her political career after the Vietnam War to work for human rights issues.
Originating from a sense of alarm, this film provokes unrest and calls for action.

Produktion: Produktion Ohne Gepäck

Realisation: Helga Reidemeister


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