The Truth lies in Rostock

BRD, Großbritannien 1993, 78 min, OF with engl. subtitles, 29.90 €   AF012en


Rostock-Lichtenhagen: August 1992.

What began with a small group of youths hurling stones at a refugee hostel quickly escalated into the worst mob attack ever seen against foreigners in post-war Germany.

Over the course of just a few days, disaffected residents, fascist sympathisers and Neo-Nazi leaders joined together to express a collective hatred towards the rising presence of asylum seekers in the neighbourhood. The level of physical and verbal assault from protesters was extreme; with little to no protection from police authorities, it was a miracle there were no fatalities.

Through careful study of amateur footage from that day, as well as interviews taken by those who were present at the riot – active participants, locals, refugees, anti-fascists and police – The Truth Lies in Rostock attempts to understand how and why the violence occurred. More importantly, it questions why the events were allowed to take place despite numerous warnings received by the authorities.



Produktion: Spectacle London, JAKO videocoop, Rostock

Realisation: Mark Saunders, Siobhán Cleary


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