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Not just a matter of saving our skin

Germany 2007, 81 min, 29.90 €

Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Staff Fighting against Closure of Berlin Factory In May 2005 Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Ltd. (BSH) announced that it was going to shut down the Berlin factory at the end of 2006. Allegedly the... Mehr...

Breaking Walls

Israel 2004, 40 min, 29.90 €

“Breaking Walls,” Video 48's new documentary, follows three people whose paths intersect at a mural in an Israeli Arab village. Mehr...

Pashke and Sofia

Deutschland / Schweiz 2003, 28 min, 29.90 €

A rare documentary film about Albanian culture in which some women are allowed to change their gender by taking the oath of a “sworn virgin”. Mehr...

Holiday Camp

Australien/BRD 2002, 45 min, 29.90 €

Holiday Camp investigates current Australian immigration policies in the context of 200 years of colonization. The film documents the 2002 Woomera detention center outbreak, which represents a significant protest against the... Mehr...

Shadow play - Indonesia's Years of Living Dangerously

USA/Austr./Indon. 2002, 80 min, 29.90 €

The history of Indonesia comprises many events of which the full facts have never been made public. One example is the assassination of six generals on 30 September 1965. This shocking incident gave rise to an unprecedented... Mehr...

The Making of... Internet

BRD 1995, 29 min, 29.90 €

"The Net" is celebrated as "a high-tech-chance" for everybody and the technology of the next millennium. Currently the decisions are made for the further development of the information, the communication and therefor the cultural... Mehr...

The Truth lies in Rostock

BRD, Großbritannien 1993, 78 min, 29.90 €

Rostock-Lichtenhagen: August 1992. What began with a small group of youths hurling stones at a refugee hostel quickly escalated into the worst mob attack ever seen against foreigners in post-war Germany. Over the course of just... Mehr...

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