autofocus history

 The roots of autofocus Videowerkstatt originate in the video movement of the late 1970s. Parallel to the emergence of citizens` groups as well as ecology and peace movements, criticism of the style of reporting by public service and private broadcasters was formulated. Video and media workshops emerged with the aim to create counter-publicity. With their productions, they intended to draw attention to the alternative, social movements and protests by offering them a forum and reporting on the social developments.  The different groups and collectives such as the “Medienwerkstatt Freiburg” (Media Workshop Freiburg), the “Medienpädagogikzentrum Hamburg” (Centre for Media Education Hamburg) or the “Dortmunder Medienzntrum” (Dortmung Media Centre) worked together to organise the sale/distribution of their videos.

Today, autofocus views its role not primarily in reporting on campaigns and demonstrations of left-wing movements, but in the complex presentation of politically motivated themes.

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